The Sensefolio Team

A Dedicated Team.

A Team Specialised in ESG and Machine Learning.

A Team Composed of ESG Analysts and Data Scientists.

A Team With A Strong Academic and Professional Background.

Our Story

Sensefolio was founded in 2015 by Antoine Khatib and Olivier Khatib in a willingness to rate companies’ involvement in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics. The service was firstly including a public forum in which past or current employees could rate their companies’ ESG involvement and their internal vision.

However, with the advent of computer processing capacity and Machine LearningNatural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Sensefolio has harnessed this latter and developed sophisticated algorithms able to aggregate, read, and analyze many different sources of information to assess and monitor more than 20,000 companies on a near real-time basis.

Since then, Sensefolio has international clients, covers more than 20,000 companies and integrates more than 100,000 different sources of information. This includes company reports, company reviews, social media posts, as well as financial news.

The Teams

Our teams are composed of ambitious academics, data scientists and finance professionals who are ESG-conscious and willing to shape the investing world of tomorrow. They have been trained and working hard on making sure your portfolio makes sense!

With great reviews on or, Sensefolio is one of the best employers in its category.

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Machine Learning / Technology Team

Team developing Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms.

NLP Team

Team integrating data from various sources and analyzing (a lot) of texts.

ESG Team

Team developing an ESG framework and making sure every single aspect of a company's ESG involvement is covered.

Sensefolio Market Intelligence Team

Team dedicated to publish research notes on ESG, ML, NLP, and potential trading strategies.

Business Development Team

Team dedicated to developing Sensefolio's services and offering thanks to clients' constant feedback.

Sales/Marketing Team

Team dedicated to make sure that clients are getting the best service and data.

Careers: Want to work for Sensefolio?

We are thrilled to welcome ambitious, talented, motivated and idea-generators from all around the world to Sensefolio. Help us build the future of investing and make the world a more ethical and sustainable place.
Tomorrow's world will be ESG. Be ready for it!
Mark Wood Business Development
Sensefolio aims to be the main provider of ESG data as we are aggregating all the data you can ever think of. But that's not it, we also want to be the best workplace.
Antoine Khatib CEO

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