Sensefolio Market Intelligence is the research team of Sensefolio. It involves research on sentiment analysis, Environment, Social, and Governance topics.

Who are we?

The Sensefolio Market Intelligence is a dedicated team of experts specializing in the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. Our team consists of experienced analysts, researchers, and data scientists working collaboratively to investigate, analyze, and publish cutting-edge research papers and insights. We strive to provide our clients with the most accurate and reliable information, empowering them to make responsible investment decisions.


Our extensive coverage includes:

  • Over 20,000 listed companies worldwide, spanning across multiple industries and sectors.
  • More than 10,000 private companies, offering valuable insights into the ESG performance of organizations beyond public markets.
  • In-depth analysis of ESG factors, including climate change, resource management, labor practices, corporate governance, and diversity & inclusion.


With over four years of experience researching ESG topics, our team members possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in:

  • Machine Learning: We leverage advanced machine learning techniques to process and analyze vast amounts of ESG data, uncovering patterns and trends that can inform investment decisions.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Our team utilizes NLP technology to extract valuable information from unstructured data sources, such as news articles, social media, and company reports, providing a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s ESG performance.
  • ESG: Our analysts and researchers are well-versed in ESG frameworks, methodologies, and best practices, ensuring that our insights and recommendations are aligned with industry standards and investor expectations.

Research and Insights

The Sensefolio Market Intelligence team is committed to delivering top-notch research and insights on a wide range of ESG topics, including:

  • Thematic research papers that explore emerging ESG trends, risks, and opportunities.
  • In-depth company analysis, offering a detailed assessment of individual organizations’ ESG performance.
  • Industry-specific ESG insights, providing a comparative analysis of companies within the same sector.
  • Regular updates on regulatory developments, policy changes, and other factors that may influence the ESG landscape.

Our Commitment

The Sensefolio Market Intelligence team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality ESG research and analysis. We constantly strive to enhance our methodologies, expand our coverage, and stay at the forefront of ESG developments. By leveraging our expertise in machine learning, NLP, and ESG, we aim to deliver actionable insights that empower investors and organizations to make responsible, data-driven decisions.

You can read some previous of some of the team’s recent publications on:

The Sensefolio Market Intelligence team.

Machine Learning / Technology Team

Team developing Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms.

NLP Team

Team integrating data from various sources and analyzing (a lot) of texts.

ESG Team

Team developing an ESG framework and making sure every single aspect of a company's ESG involvement is covered.

Sensefolio Market Intelligence Team

Team dedicated to publish research notes on ESG, ML, NLP, and potential trading strategies.

Business Development Team

Team dedicated to developing Sensefolio's services and offering thanks to clients' constant feedback.

Data Architecture Team

Data is structured by data specialists to output transparent information.

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