Sensefolio Market Intelligence is the research team of Sensefolio. It involves research on sentiment analysis, Environment, Social, and Governance topics.

Who are we?

The Sensefolio Market Intelligence is a team of analysts, researchers, and data scientists working together to investigate, analyze, and publish top-notch papers. The coverage includes 20,000+ listed companies and 10,000+ private companies’ Environment, Social and Governance.

The team has been researching on ESG topics for 4+ years, and are experienced in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and ESG.

You can read some previous of some of the team’s recent publications on:

The Sensefolio Market Intelligence team.

Machine Learning / Technology Team

Team developing Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms.

NLP Team

Team integrating data from various sources and analyzing (a lot) of texts.

ESG Team

Team developing an ESG framework and making sure every single aspect of a company's ESG involvement is covered.

Sensefolio Market Intelligence Team

Team dedicated to publish research notes on ESG, ML, NLP, and potential trading strategies.

Business Development Team

Team dedicated to developing Sensefolio's services and offering thanks to clients' constant feedback.

Data Architecture Team

Data is structured by data specialists to output transparent information.

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