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We Analyze Companies and Countries' ESG Involvement For You.

With over 20,000+ companies and more than 200,000 of their subsidiairies being analyzed every day, Sensefolio, scrapes and retrieve data for you.
Get real-time data and follow companies in your portfolio in order to filter out the good and the bad ones.
Every new information about a company and/or country is instantaneously integrated and reflected into the Sensefolio scores (after going through the Sensefolio algorithms). Don't miss out any relevant information. Get your ESG portfolio up-to-date!
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Sensefolio Key Facts

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Global coverage, including China and Japan*

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More around 12,000 companies to be more precise.

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Sources of information

More than 100,000 sources of information. This includes news articles, press releases, social media, and company reports.

0 million+

Social Posts & Reviews screened per day

Twitter and company reviews websites are screened on a real-time basis

Build A More ESG Portfolio With Sensefolio.

Easy To Manipulate

The Sensefolio platform is easy to use. No misunderstanding and complicated architecture.

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With over 20,000+ companies and more than 200,000 of their subsidiaries, you can undoubtedly find the company you have invested in.

Give Sense to your Portfolio

Make and construct your ESG portfolio.

Sensefolio is here to help you filtering your ESG Portfolio.

1. Real-Time Updates

Our ESG Scores are being updated everyday. New information about a company or country? It’s most certainly in Sensefolio already!

2. News, Reports and Millions of Company Reviews

Millions of Company Reviews, Social Media Posts are being analyzed every day. But this is not it. We also integrate company reports, as well as financial news. Don’t miss out any new information.

3. Machine Learning and NLP

We apply Machine Learning and NLP algorithms to read all of the information we are integrating into our systems. Let our top-notch algorithms do the job for you!

How to retrieve our ESG Data? It's simple, you can choose between the Sensefolio Platform, the Sensefolio API or any of our customizable solutions.

You can use the Sensefolio Platform.

We have built a beautiful platform for you to add and manage your portfolio. It's all set!

You can use the Sensefolio API.

Can't be bothered looking through the platform? No worries, we have also developed our Sensefolio API.

Customizable Solutions

Still haven't found what you were looking for? We can develop and answer your questions via our customizable solutions.

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