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Looking for a specific dataset?

We can customize your offering.

Be ethical, be responsible.

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Build Anything

Whether you are looking for a specific sector/industry or a specific region in the world, we can customize this offering for you. Hassle-free and quick solutions.

Machine Learning

Deep learning algorithms are used to retrieve topics and analyze the big amount of texts Sensefolio is covering. We do the hard work for you.

Specific Regions/Industries

You can also look at specific peer groups such as Technology in Europe or Consumer Discretionary in the US. Whatever peer group you can think of.


Sensefolio sophisticated algorithms recognize the topics, the positivity or negativity, the objectivity or subjectivity of a corpus and text.

High-Quality Data

Sensefolio provides top-quality ESG data for investment professionals who want to filter out their portfolio and bring in more ethical ones.

Real-Time Updates

Stop relying on rarely updated data based on simple companies quarter reports. Sensefolio provides (near) real-time updates of its ESG data!

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