What is Sensefolio?

Founded in 2015 through its motto “Give Sense To Your Investment Portfolio”, Sensefolio is a company applying the latest Machine Learning algorithms (notably Natural-Language Processing methods) for ESG analytics & data purposes. Sensefolio scans Financial NewsCompanies’ Financial Reports and Earnings Calls, and Social Media Data and Company Reviewsto discern and observe signals on how involved companies are towards Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) topics.

On top of ESG scanning, Sensefolio focuses on the “Iceberg approach”: researching information not only about ESG, but also the “Sustainability” aspect of companies (i.e. Finance, Strategy and Innovation plans).

Sensefolio is also a provider of information relating to ESG and sustainability themes. See our Twitter page: @sensefolio

Sensefolio scores aggregate 3 major sources of information:

For More Information about Sensefolio:

“Give Sense To Your Portfolio”

Visit our website: www.sensefolio.com
Read the whole white paper on: https://sensefolio.com/whitepaper/

Contact us on: contact@sensefolio.com

Join us on Twitter and don’t miss the latest news on ESG: https://twitter.com/sensefolio

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