About Sensefolio.

Track and Assess 30,000+ Companies' ESG Involvement With The Help of Sensefolio's NLP and Machine Learning Algorithms.

Why Subscribe to Sensefolio?

Sensefolio utilizes Machine Learning and NLP techniques to rate over 20,000 companies’ ESG involvement.

Machine Learning

Deep learning algorithms are used to retrieve topics and analyze the big amount of texts Sensefolio is covering. We do the hard work for you.


Sensefolio sophisticated algorithms recognize the topics, the positivity or negativity, the objectivity or subjectivity of a corpus and text.

High-Quality Data

Sensefolio provides top-quality ESG data for investment professionals who want to filter out their portfolio and bring in more ethical ones.

Real-Time Updates

Stop relying on rarely updated data based on simple companies quarter reports. Sensefolio provides (near) real-time updates of its ESG data!

Risk Management Tools

Use Sensefolio to be ahead of new information and controversies coming up. Track and monitor companies you are covering and don't miss out any risks.

Construct your ESG Portfolio

Whether you are looking for a specific sector/industry or a specific region in the world, we can customize this offering for you. Hassle-free and quick solutions.

How Are Sensefolio ESG Scores Calculated?

Key Figures

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Global coverage, including China and Japan*

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More around 20,000 companies to be more precise.

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Sources of information

More than 100,000 sources of information. This includes news articles, press releases, social media, and company reports.

0 million+

Social Posts & Reviews Screened Per Day

Twitter and company reviews websites are screened on a real-time basis

What does Sensefolio do?

1. Retrieve Financial News

Sensefolio updates its scores as soon as it receives new information from our list of news providers. In this way, Sensefolio provides a near-real time update to be on top of new information, which is a key component in the financial industry.

2. Retrieve ESG/Sustainability/CSR Reports.

The Sensefolio's algorithm takes into account companies' reports as well. It skims through each of their 'Sustainability' reports, 'Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)' reports, or simply their 'Annual' reports, as well as companies' earnings call transcripts, and applies an internal Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to assess the companies' degrees of involvement in Social, Environmental and Governance topics defined by Sensefolio.

3. Retrieve Social Media Posts & Company Reviews.

We, at Sensefolio, aggregate most of the company reviews and social media posts available on the internet (over 500 million social media posts and reviews per day). Don't rely on just one source, let Sensefolio take care of integrating many sources.

4. Sensefolio ESG Framework (SEF)

We, at Sensefolio, have developed the Sensefolio ESG Framework (SEF) to rate companies' ESG involvement. Track and monitor the companies in your portfolio or your prospective ones.


Different and bespoke solutions for various market investors.

Asset & Investment Managers

Quantitative Managers & Hedge Funds

Risk Monitoring & ESG Investments

Careers: Want to work for Sensefolio?

We are thrilled to welcome ambitious, talented, motivated and idea-generators from all around the world to Sensefolio. Help us build the future of investing and make the world a more ethical and sustainable place.
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