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Different and bespoke solutions for various market investors.

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Research & Insights

Research has been carried out by the Sensefolio Market Intelligence team and various top STEM Universities and Business Schools across the globe.

What is Sensefolio?

Founded in 2015 through its motto “Give Sense To Your Investment Portfolio”, Sensefolio is a company applying the latest Machine Learning algorithms (notably Natural-Language Processing methods) for […]

Integrating ESG Data To Your Portfolio

Sensefolio scores aggregate three major sources of information: • Financial News (accounting for 1/3) • Sustainability and ESG Reports & Earnings Calls (accounting for 1/3) • Social Media Posts & Company Reviews […]

Yes, ESG Stocks Outperform

Please note: Past performance may not be indicative of future results. The material in this presentation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer […]


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Global coverage, including China and Japan*

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More around 12,000 companies to be more precise.

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Sources of information

More than 100,000 sources of information. This includes news articles, press releases, social media, and company reports.

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Social Posts & Reviews Screened Per Day

Twitter and company reviews websites are screened on a real-time basis

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